Todays management faces a multitude of challenges and fulfills a demanding role with great responsibility. In this respect, there is an increasing demand for professional communication with employees as well as their motivation for active participation and involvement in routine as well as in change processes regarding performance, responsibility and decision-making.

The management is, more than ever, becoming an important motivator and initiator of further development, both of the individual employee and the team as a unity.

Management qualities require organizational skills as well as the knowledge of different work and management techniques. Experience has shown that leadership can be learned and be experienced as well. In many cases the right drive is a good starting point to develop personality and competence to establish social skills by using the existing potential while preserving the own authenticity.

Good management contributes to the development and structure of the entire organization, knows the aims and targets of the business and is capable of appropriately assigning the job related aspects to its team and its performance. Good managers find the balance between formal structures and agility when a situation requires flexibility and creativity.

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