What are "Human Factors"?

Human Factors / Human Performance, one CultTec core competence, was initially implemented in the aviation industry. Official analyses of disturbances and incidents during flight performance revealed that the human factors caused 73% of all cases.

Ignoring existing failures and errors, reduced situational awareness, misleading mental pictures, unclear decision making and communication as well as lack of leadership skills are just some of the contributing factors. To increase certainty in action Human Factors / Human Performance was developed - with great success.

Meanwhile the serious consideration of the human factors was expanded to the demanding fields of medical surgery, nuclear technology, power plants, logistics and other branches coping with high technology and high expectations. The number of errors and failures was noticeably reduced.

When it comes to the topic professionally coping with errors, occurrences and examples of the own company may be analyzed and evaluated.

This training is performed independent of your branch or management level.

Human Factors Training combines very well with leadership training.